Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Roger Simon’s Advice for Surviving the Biden Administration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aunPVtblpA Dr. Swain interviews award-winning novelist, oscar-nominated screenwriter, and co-founder of P.J. Media, Roger L. Simon, about how conservatives can survive the next four years...

Why the 9th Amendment Is Important!

Dr. Carol Swain sits down with former state Tennessee State senator, David Fowler, to discuss the importance of legislation and judicial activism. Instagram: @drcarolmswain...

Behind the Red Bucket Hat

Carol sits down with rapper and commentator, Bryson Gray, to discuss his story, the Left, and cultural Christianity.

How the Progressive Agenda Deceives Blacks

https://youtu.be/TNlWYmIQliM Carol interviews Jason Whitlock about racial politics in America. Jason is a well-known journalist who has worked for Fox Sports, “Outkick”, and the Kansas...

Fight Against Cancel Culture

https://youtu.be/Rds-2me55Rw Carol interviews political commentator, actor, podcast host and author Michael Knowles about how conservatives can win the battle for free speech.


Anti-Trafficking Advocate Sounds the Alarm

Human Trafficking has always been a unifying topic, but it is not one that is talked about enough. Although most Americans have heard about...

What Every Christian Should Know About Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity has found a home in the cradle of the Bible Belt. From the pulpit, a preacher has declared: “The Bible isn’t the...

Meet a Man Who Relinquished His Political Party to Stay True to His Core Values

Meet a man who relinquished his political party to stay true to his core values. Anything of great value comes with a cost. Vernon Jones is...

Hollywood Actress Samaire Armstrong Speaks Out

In this episode, we meet a young Hollywood actress who has chosen to use her voice and platform to speak the truth, no matter...

Secrets of Success: What we can Learn from Chris Widener’s Incredible Journey

Chris Widener is widely recognized as a top speaker, giving sales and business advice to people around the world. He has written numerous books,...

Meet Chandler Crump: A Young Black Conservative with A Powerful Story

Today, most teenagers seem to only care about frivolous issues, such as the latest trends of vogue and video games. The other extreme, of...



Conversations with Carol Swain Launches on BINGE!

Contact: Danielle McInturff                                        FOR IMMEDIATE...

Everything’s a Crisis Under the Biden Administration: Dr. Carol Swain on CDC Calling Racism a Public Health Threat

Over the weekend, Dr. Carol Swain appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the CDC’s latest discovery: that racism is a public health threat.  Swain...

Dr. Swain: Minnesota is Indoctrinating Children with Secular Humanist Ideology

by Corinne Murdock Over the weekend, Be the People founder Dr. Carol Swain joinedFox and Friends Weekend host Pete Hegseth to review Minnesota’s proposed updates...

WHITE SUPREMACY FUFILLED? Dr. Swain Suspended From Facebook For 2019 Post Depicting Democrats In KKK Hoo

Shortly after advertising that she would have a special Facebook Live event for her followers, Dr. Carol Swain received a notification from Facebook that...


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Download a free copy of the 1776 Commission Report on the American founding and the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution that enabled our nation to abolish slavery, end Jim Crow racism, navigate Civil and World Wars, battle Communism, and end legal segregation and the unequal treatment of black Americans through Civil Rights legislation passed during the 1960s.


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