Monday, March 1, 2021
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Homelessness and Policing in Nashville

Homelessness has become a growing problem for communities across America. Whether the root cause of the problem is mental illness or financial hardship, elected officials are tasked with finding solutions that protect the welfare of the community. Law enforcement officials often become the first point of contact with the homeless. Communities differ in the amount of authority delegated to law enforcement personnel and the range of options available for the less fortunate. Known as the “It” city, Nashville, Tennessee has seen an increase in homelessness and the panhandling and crime that sometimes accompanies the dysfunction that ensues. 

Joining me today, to make sense of the problem is Dr. Ron Martinelli. Dr. Martinelli is a former police detective and a renowned forensic criminologist. Using Nashville for much of the discussion, Dr. Martinelli breaks the problem down and shares his views about what can be done to improve the life of the community.

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