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Carol Swain Is On The Front Lines Defining American Education

A group of professional, well-educated Black Americans is pushing back on the left’s false narratives by dismantling what they claim are the heavily politicized stories meant to shape public opinion about topics like slavery in America.

In his recent article for The Federalist, Americans Deserve True Black History, Not Lies From The 1619 Project, Christoper Arps wrote, “The pedagogy of ethnic pride comes with responsibility currently being abdicated for radicalism. That’s why it’s a shame when curricula revises history for political gain.”

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Cooper Steel

Numerous educational leaders speak out about what they see as dangers in the 1619 Project, and President Donald J. Trump is among that group. In fact, it was so important to him, Black conservatives’ concerns were squarely on Trump’s radar in the last days of his first administration. Proof: The 1776 Commission.

Professor Carol Swain, the Vice-Chairperson of the 1776 Commission, still leads Trump’s plan meant to oppose the 1619 Project and lead with a strong pro-American foundation for all Americans, based on founding documents.

Swain is leading in a battle to empower all students using the plan that Trump signed in an Executive Order in 2020. Swain has not stopped pursuing the issue because President Joe Biden has canceled the Commission and since Trump has left office.

They still have Swain, the founder of Be The People News, to contend with.

“Education is the Civil Rights issue of our time,” Swain often tells people.

Because she has walked in their shoes, Swain understands the most marginalized student’s needs, so Swain was perfectly chosen at this time to lead this movement.


Because she has risen to national prominence, hand-selected by a United States President to lead students as a well-respected Ivy League professor, Swain is the perfect person to educate America.

Listen to her words:

“The 1776 Commission Report – released two days before Biden’s inauguration – became a lightning rod for critics. They pounced on the report and dismissed distinguished academics with degrees in political science and other fields as unqualified to make recommendations about how American history should be taught. Critics knew that our report stood as a frontal assault on The New York Time’s revisionist history of America that placed the nation’s founding at 1619 rather than the true founding in 1776,” Dr. Swain wrote recently for One Korea Network, in her article, President Trump’s 1776 Commission Lives On.

Swain wrote that it is the very US Constitution and Declaration of independence that helped eliminate slavery, and frankly, that is something Americans should be celebrating in Black History Month, which was never mentioned.

Perhaps it will be by next year, and perhaps Swain and Arps will be the inspiration American needs.

From Swain’s article, it is clear to see why President Trump chose her to lead:

“Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence had allowed us to eliminate slavery, survive a civil war and two world wars, and prevail against the threats posed by Communism, fascism, and the many racial injustices that lingered until the 1960s when our leaders advanced against systemic racism by passing a series of major civil rights acts.”

“These included the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Open Housing Act of 1968. Collectively, these laws prohibited discrimination against persons based on race, ethnicity, national origin, or sex in areas of public life such as employment, hotels, restaurants, voting, and housing. Our report discussed the need for national renewal and how it can be accomplished.”

“We proposed a focus on strengthening the family structure, teaching civics to our children, resisting anti-Americanism at colleges and universities, and educating the American public in our history – all through the writings of great statesmen and literary giants. Our report also discussed the importance of the rule of law in maintaining a civilized society.”


Watch President Trump speak about the 1776 Commission:


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