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Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain

From Zimbabwe to America

https://youtu.be/Iz-EFA9CT9U Dr. Swain sits down with Melissa Tate, author of the new book, Choice Privilege, to hear about her life and her reason for writing...

Brandon Tatum and the Issues of Black America

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iylq6DAqSg Dr. Swain interviews black conservative commentator and former cop, Brandon Tatum, author of his new book, Beaten Black and Blue, about his life and...

Roger Simon’s Advice for Surviving the Biden Administration

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aunPVtblpA Dr. Swain interviews award-winning novelist, oscar-nominated screenwriter, and co-founder of P.J. Media, Roger L. Simon, about how conservatives can survive the next four years...

Why the 9th Amendment Is Important!

Dr. Carol Swain sits down with former state Tennessee State senator, David Fowler, to discuss the importance of legislation and judicial activism. Instagram: @drcarolmswain...

Behind the Red Bucket Hat

Carol sits down with rapper and commentator, Bryson Gray, to discuss his story, the Left, and cultural Christianity.

How the Progressive Agenda Deceives Blacks

https://youtu.be/TNlWYmIQliM Carol interviews Jason Whitlock about racial politics in America. Jason is a well-known journalist who has worked for Fox Sports, “Outkick”, and the Kansas...

Fight Against Cancel Culture

https://youtu.be/Rds-2me55Rw Carol interviews political commentator, actor, podcast host and author Michael Knowles about how conservatives can win the battle for free speech.

Cancel Culture Invades Christian Campus

https://youtu.be/Gu4U_mV8c2k Carol interviews Baylor University, Dr. Christina Crenshaw about a Twitter post that unexpectedly became controversial at the Baptist University. 

Scott Hord: Missionary to the Unborn

https://youtu.be/_GlB7bcmOLg Carol interviews Scott Hord, founder of Operation Saving Life, about how he became known as a missionary to the unborn. Scott's ministry has saved...

How Eric Metaxas Became a Force to be Reckoned With

https://youtu.be/H3YqBQB_vVE Carol interviews best-selling author Eric Metaxas about his new book Fish Out of Water. Eric, the son of a German immigrant, shocked the world...

Demystifying Home Schooling: What Every Parent Needs to Know

https://youtu.be/UoW3uaWqK74 Carol interviews Leigh Bortins founder of Classical Conversations, about how the climate for home schooling has changed over the past 20 years. Leigh is...

Deep State Expert Craig Huey Offers Sage Advice to Christian Conservatives

https://youtu.be/dDUzz3v3avY Carol interviews author, publisher, and marketing expert Craig Huey about how Christian conservatives can be most effective in an uncertain political environment.


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