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Introducing Dr. Swain

On the lookout for the most unique, substantive and compelling news talk content in the industry? Sick and tired of the recycled rhetoric perpetuated by political indoctrination? Frustrated with the volatility and emotionally charged conversations that are overflowing with erroneous, rehearsed talking points outlined for Gen Z? You’re in luck because the Be The People podcast with Carol Swain is just what the doctor ordered for you.

The problem has been clear and the ability to transcend political division, sharing a solution for our nation that would affect positive change no matter the political ideologies and affiliations presented: the remedy being unity.

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Dr. Carol Swain was gracious enough to make the time to speak with me for an interview. She spoke about the challenges of her life and how they shaped her as the accomplished academic, political scientist, author, analyst, award winner and podcast host.

Be The People is available on, Apple Podcasts, iHeart, Google Play and at

Dr. Swain’s passion for her work, patriotism, beauty and strength are tangibly evident within moments of her speaking. President Trump chose Dr. Swain as co-chairwoman of the 1776 Commission—the advisory committee created by President Donald Trump in September 2020, so, even the President of the United States would recognize how captivating and brilliant she is.

On February 23, 2021, Dr. Swain joined Candace Owens on The Candace Owens’ Show. This episode has nearly half a million views in just two weeks (485k).

On Candace Owens’ podcast, Dr. Carol Swain calls the world her classroom. That being the case, she certainly has a gift of imparting wisdom and deeply connecting with her students, and others who hide in the back of the classroom as they soak up the content within her lectures.

Some of her comments that were most eloquent from this conversation are below:

“Common sense is in short supply these days.”

“People not being able to discern between the statement and the organization I believe the organization has been. They think they’re helping black people and showing support for black people, but they’re not.”

“There’s only a race problem when the media says there is a race problem.”

“Young white people with guilt look at people and feel sorry for them. They are really racist beca they believe that because a black person is living in the ghetto that they are not able—that they are less able to do things and that’s very crippling. You can be from born and raised into the most affluent family, white and still be disadvantaged because you’re crippled by what you believe.”

“You cannot sustain a nation with people who are not proud of their country.”

“Get both sides. Make sure you’re not just listening to one set of voices. You’re not being educated, you’re not being challenged, you’ll never find truth that way.”

The comments, of which there are over 10,000 , were largely positive and ranged from:

“I love her!! She is a true inspiration.”

“She looks like a young Gladys Knight. A very pretty lady and intelligent to boot!”

“I’d love to sit and have a conversation with this powerful lady while drinking a cup of tea.”

“Everyone should be listening to what she is saying! Thank you so much for this truth.”

With one comment receiving 614 likes and 25 comments alone:

“She’s presidential level. Would vote for her in an instant.”

And another with 437 likes and 22 replies:

“This person needs to run for office. Black women like her just might save this country.”

Over 1,000 likes and 50 comments emerged from two of the comments that both touched on her potential as a presidential candidate.

“They have to use great wisdom. We don’t want to be great deceivers, Saul Alinsky was into deception, manipulation and infiltration. We should be into infiltration. There should be no place that is safe for liberals and we have to know what they’re doing and to do that, to be able to infiltrate, you need to find your way into those places and you have to keep your mouth shut at times and you need to make your way into those places and you have to keep your mouth shut at times and realize that we are in a cultural war. And I would argue that the rules of engagement during war are different than other periods of time.”

“Be encouraged. Be yourself. Be strong.”

Dr. Carol Swain is the future for this country in educating yourself as much as you can, making the most of yourself and interacting with individuals that have opposing political ideologies in a respectful manner without anger, judgement or burning bridges.

The fearless nature in which Dr. Carol Swain has been able to cut through the noise of the most divisive issues in our country with an incredibly complex breadth of knowledge coupled with an unprecedented measured tone that can be traced back to early in her life when she started the journey of manifesting her goals.

Her resilience can be seen through her own description of her background, education and ability to identify the way that hardships and adversity were on her path for a reason—so she could venture forth, surviving as she is thriving.

Part Two with my one-on-one interview with Dr. Carol Swain will be released tomorrow!

Dr. Carol Swain
Dr. Carol Swain
Dr. Carol Swain is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and a former tenured professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton universities. Her most recent books are Black Eye for America: How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House (Co-authored with Dr. Chris Schorr, 2021) and Countercultural Living: What Jesus Has to Say about Life, Marriage, Race, Gender, and Materialism (2021).


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