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Michael Patrick Leahy’s Quest to Empower Conservatives

What can conservatives do to change the world? We can do more than just complain. We can take action that will have a lasting impact for many generations. In this episode, I interview Michael Patrick Leahy. He is an author and founder of a group of online newspapers and an educational foundation that sponsors a national Constitution Bee. Leahy started with the Tennessee Star and has expanded to the Ohio Star, the Minnesota Star, and the Michigan Star. He is also the host of a daily radio show, the Tennessee Star Report that airs on 98.3 FM and 1510 AM WLAC. Leahy’s radio show can be heard on demand at iHeart Podcast.

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Tennessee Star Bio: 
Star News Educational Foundation:
Book: Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement

Dr. Carol Swain
Dr. Swain is host of the podcast Be The People on the America Out Loud Podcast Network. Passionate about empowering others to raise their voices in the public square, she is an author, public speaker, and political commentator.


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