Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Tags "Critical Race Theory"

Tag: "Critical Race Theory"

Primetime Fox News – Fighting Back Against Woke Indoctrination

https://youtu.be/pMAAekrFHOU Dr. Carol Swain - Fox News - Primetime - 1.17.22

Critical race theory bans protect our history and students

If the public had been largely unaware of the pervasiveness of critical race theory in America’s public schools, the shock waves of Virginia’s election...

How a B1 Bomber Pilot Busted Diversity Equity Inclusivity in Local Schools

https://youtu.be/XIdSYRTi79E Carol interviews Air Force veteran and Moms for Liberty Williamson County chair head, Robin Steenman, about her efforts to expose the truth behind CRT...

We Will Beat Back Critical Race Theory


Carol Swain Commentary: Critical Race Theory Is a Cancer on Our Educational System

Critical race theory is the civil rights issue of our time. It eats away at our public, private, and Christian academies with its cancerous...

Stop All Hate!

Dr. Carol Swain sits down with influencer and commentator, Danielle Rae, to discuss Stop Asian Hate and talk about reaching the current generation.
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