Sunday, October 24, 2021
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California school official compares reopening schools to ‘slavery’ and ‘white supremacist ideology’ Former professor Carol Swain reacts to the comments on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend.’

Demystifying Home Schooling: What Every Parent Needs to Know Carol interviews Leigh Bortins founder of Classical Conversations, about how the climate for home schooling has changed over the past 20 years. Leigh is...

We Can Do It! Politics, Family, Education, and Activism. Michelle Foreman shares about her journey as a conservative woman.

Everything You Need to Know about the Home-Schooling Revolution

What knowledge and skills does it take to become a successful home-schooling parent? In this episode, I interview Yvette Hampton, a home-schooling parent and producer of...

Journey Out of Critical Race Theory

Critical Theory (CRT) is a divisive ideology that has left academia, seeped in to K-12 schools and Christian academies, and other institutions. In this episode,...

Critical Race Theory and Christian Education

“Next to that of the family, there is no influence more potent for good or evil over the lives of individuals than the associations...

The Courageous Battle Against Teacher Unions

Until recently, public school teachers and other public employees were forced to join unions and pay dues to support political agendas diametrically opposed to...
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