Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Cooper Steel
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Against All Odds Episode 25 – Policing & Gun Policies

https://youtu.be/8fGqrlzzH94 Tune in to Episode 25 of Against All Odds in which I discuss trial by media, gun laws, and how to make policing safer...

Against All Odds Episode 23 – Consequences of #BLM

https://youtu.be/27-r7txVR8g What happened after the #BLM push to defund the police?

Sgt. Mike McGrew’s Remarkable Testimony of Survival and Victory

What do police officers, firefighters, 9-11 operators, and paramedics have in common? They are our first responders in life-threatening situations. How do these people...

Police Shortages in Nashville: What’s the Problem?

We need police officers to enforce the rule of law in our cites, states, and towns. Unfortunately, around the country more and more police...

Policing and Political Correctness: A Recipe for Chaos

Across the country, law enforcement officers are under attack. Politics plays a major role in the disrespect for the work police officers do. As...
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