Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Culture War | The Adversity of Diversity | Guest: Dr. Carol Swain | DEI Conflict Model | Promotes Reverse Discrimination | Affirmative Action Derivative Moms on a Mission Podcast is thrilled to host Dr. Carol Swain who went from abject poverty and dropping out of school at a...

Hold Your Breath; Good Times Ahead

Well, don’t hold your breath, really. Continue to act smartly and with a positive spirit because good times are coming, no matter what you...

Nashville In Focus: Experts discuss Mayoral race as Election Day nears

With just under two weeks until the Nashville Mayoral Race, Nashville In Focus examines the candidates and what our experts expect. CLICK HERE TO WATCH...

Vivek Ramaswamy is invoking ‘1776 ideals’ on the campaign trail: What does that really mean?

A familiar date -- 1776 -- has repeatedly been invoked on the campaign trail by Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. A biotech entrepreneur, Ramaswamy has rallied supporters around...



A Liberal’s Worst Nightmare Carol interviews PragerU personality, Amala Ekpunobi, about how she went from a left-wing activist to a conservative influencer who openly speaks against liberal propaganda.

Is America Having a Cultural Revolution? Carol interviews activist and author, Xi Van Fleet, about her experience as a Chinese immigrant and the concerns she has about the direction America...

How a B1 Bomber Pilot Busted Diversity Equity Inclusivity in Local Schools Carol interviews Air Force veteran and Moms for Liberty Williamson County chair head, Robin Steenman, about her efforts to expose the truth behind CRT...

12 year old on a Mission: how one student took on CRT Carol interviews 12-year-old Tyler McMurray about his decision to take a stand and speak against CRT being taught in his school.

Can Color Us United Save America from Race Hustlers? Carol Swain interviews the president of Color is United, Kenny Xu, about the mission of the organization and the subject of his new book, An...



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Be The People Study Guide

Download a free copy of Dr. Swain's Be The People Study Guide to test your knowledge from the book.

be the people book cover

Download a free copy of Dr. Swain's Be The People book introduction and table of contents.

From Democrat to Republican book cover
The 1776 Report: The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, Jan 2021

Download a free copy of the 1776 Commission Report on the American founding and the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution that enabled our nation to abolish slavery, end Jim Crow racism, navigate Civil and World Wars, battle Communism, and end legal segregation and the unequal treatment of black Americans through Civil Rights legislation passed during the 1960s.


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