Sunday, February 28, 2021
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How Eric Metaxas Became a Force to be Reckoned With Carol interviews best-selling author Eric Metaxas about his new book Fish Out of Water. Eric, the son of a German immigrant, shocked the world...

Demystifying Home Schooling: What Every Parent Needs to Know Carol interviews Leigh Bortins founder of Classical Conversations, about how the climate for home schooling has changed over the past 20 years. Leigh is...

Deep State Expert Craig Huey Offers Sage Advice to Christian Conservatives Carol interviews author, publisher, and marketing expert Craig Huey about how Christian conservatives can be most effective in an uncertain political environment.

Activist Parent Reveals the Poison of Critical Race Theory Education Show description: Carol interviews Beth Feeley, editor and senior advisor to the Woodson Center's “1776 Unites,” about critical race theory's corrosive impact on our...

Steve Berger’s Battle Against Fake News Carol interviews Pastor Steve Berger of Grace Chapel Church in Franklin, TN about fake news, the cancel culture, and the war on Christian conservatives....


Secrets of Success: What we can Learn from Chris Widener’s Incredible Journey

Chris Widener is widely recognized as a top speaker, giving sales and business advice to people around the world. He has written numerous books,...

Meet Chandler Crump: A Young Black Conservative with A Powerful Story

Today, most teenagers seem to only care about frivolous issues, such as the latest trends of vogue and video games. The other extreme, of...

One Man’s Quest to Restore the Lost Value of “Honor”

Carol interviews cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken about what we can do to teach a healthy appreciation of the timeless concept of honor to a generation often...

MAGA Rapper Bryson Gray Fights for Conservative Christian Values

Carol interviews conservative rapper, performer, and activist Bryson Gray who gained notoriety because of his huge MAGA hat. Born and raised in a democrat family, Bryson...

A Young Woman Shares How Love and Faith Transcends Race

In this episode, we meet a young woman wise beyond her years who can teach us about true racial harmony and acceptance. Shekinah Geist is a...

Combatting the War Against Conservative Media

Conservative media influencers and commentators are under siege as big tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and YouTube work in concert to de-platform and...



CIVIL RIGHTS CRISIS: Dr. Carol Swain Says Left’s Education Policies Are Racist

Dr. Carol Swain, the vice-chair of President Donald J. Trump’s 1776 Commission, an experienced law and political science professor at both Vanderbilt and Princeton...

Systemic Racism at Planned Parenthood

Once I saw a billboard that encouraged black women to abort their unborn babies. It read: “Black women take care of their families by...

All-Star Panelist Dr. Carol Swain Talks Parler Shutdown, Reality Czars, and the Current Orwellian Climate of America

Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE1/21/2021 Contact: Danielle Rae McInturff                                     ...


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“Be the People is a courageous analysis of today’s most pressing issues, exposing the deceptions by the cultural elite and urging ‘We the People’ to restore America’s faith and values.”
—Sean Hannity


From Democrat to Republican book cover
The 1776 Report: The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission, Jan 2021

Download a free copy of the 1776 Commission Report on the American founding and the principles of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution that enabled our nation to abolish slavery, end Jim Crow racism, navigate Civil and World Wars, battle Communism, and end legal segregation and the unequal treatment of black Americans through Civil Rights legislation passed during the 1960s.


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