Saturday, August 20, 2022
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A Liberal’s Worst Nightmare Carol interviews PragerU personality, Amala Ekpunobi, about how she went from a left-wing activist to a conservative influencer who openly speaks against liberal propaganda.

Is America Having a Cultural Revolution? Carol interviews activist and author, Xi Van Fleet, about her experience as a Chinese immigrant and the concerns she has about the direction America...

How a B1 Bomber Pilot Busted Diversity Equity Inclusivity in Local Schools Carol interviews Air Force veteran and Moms for Liberty Williamson County chair head, Robin Steenman, about her efforts to expose the truth behind CRT...

12 year old on a Mission: how one student took on CRT Carol interviews 12-year-old Tyler McMurray about his decision to take a stand and speak against CRT being taught in his school.




Fort Worth ISD Provides ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching’ Training to ESL Teachers

The Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) hosted a professional development seminar promoting “lesson planning as a political act” and aiming to “chip away...

Transformational SEL’ is traumatizing students 

As of this winter, 36 states had passed legislation aimed at keeping critical race theory and other “divisive concepts,” sometimes referred to in law as “prohibited...

Post Roe v. Wade Emotions and Thoughts

The long-awaited decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization has overturned Roe v. Wade. My emotions run the gamut. I’m among the more than...

The Media Ignores Optimistic Black Leaders

The ones you don’t hear about reject narratives of self-pity and resentment. Regarding Joseph Epstein’s op-ed “Black Lives Matter Poisons a Young Athlete’s Mind” (Aug....


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