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Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain

Can Color Us United Save America from Race Hustlers?

https://youtu.be/V7zIri9lmQo Carol Swain interviews the president of Color is United, Kenny Xu, about the mission of the organization and the subject of his new book, An...

How One MTSU Nursing Student’s Legal Battle Against the COVID Vaccine Mandate Might Just Reach the Supreme Court

https://youtu.be/FLHN8HxAxQI Carol interviews Avery Garfield and her lawyer, Russel Newman, about how their legal dispute with the university began after she was forced to withdraw...

AMAC: How They Became AARP’s Greatest Rival

https://youtu.be/VJj0a8Ln-RI Carol interviews AMAC’s Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Weber, about the history of this conservative insurance company and their fight to uphold the values of...

“Roger Simon – The Hollywood Exile with a Vision for Conservatism”

https://youtu.be/zU_PANBNWCk Carol interviews award-winning novelist, oscar-nominated screenwriter, and co-founder of P.J. Media.

The “Blue Anon” Destroyer

https://youtu.be/E_aLklgKdLM Carol Swain interviews young, conservative activist, Kangmin Lee, about the intersection of faith and politics and his experience as a Christian in today's America....

Racial Exorcist For White America

https://youtu.be/YIwssOeus1o Carol interviews Bob Woodson, founder, and president of the Woodson Center and 1776 Unites, about his latest book RED, WHITE, AND BLACK:  RESCUING AMERICAN...

How one man’s pursuit of truth unraveled a ring of corruption in Nashville, TN

https://youtu.be/F5YUQ1vtiVg Carol interviews local author, Michael Bishop, about how his research led him to uncover political corruption in Nashville Tennessee.

How National Correspondent Megan Alexander blends faith with her career Mainstream Media

https://youtu.be/BCUboLc55V0 Carol interviews national news correspondent, Megan Alexander, on how she blends her biblical beliefs and values with her vocation in the mainstream media.

How one litigator is fighting back against Critical Race Theory

https://youtu.be/27ZdnAWcXRE Carol interviews Director Of Litigation at Southeastern Legal Foundation, Braden Boucek, about his strategy for fighting against CRT.

From BLM to BLEXIT; A Young Man’s Journey

https://youtu.be/V4Sh9qRAHys Carol interviews Aaron Alexander, regional director of the BLEXIT Foundation, about his journey from BLM supporter to a promoter of conservative principles. #blexit #race...

Taking Back Control of Sex Ed in Public Schools

https://youtu.be/lDHolsfVkgs Carol interviews Joi Wasill, executive director and founder of Decisions, Choices, and Options, about the content of sex education courses and their detrimental impact...


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