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Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain

How National Correspondent Megan Alexander blends faith with her career Mainstream Media Carol interviews national news correspondent, Megan Alexander, on how she blends her biblical beliefs and values with her vocation in the mainstream media.

How one litigator is fighting back against Critical Race Theory Carol interviews Director Of Litigation at Southeastern Legal Foundation, Braden Boucek, about his strategy for fighting against CRT.

From BLM to BLEXIT; A Young Man’s Journey Carol interviews Aaron Alexander, regional director of the BLEXIT Foundation, about his journey from BLM supporter to a promoter of conservative principles. #blexit #race...

Taking Back Control of Sex Ed in Public Schools Carol interviews Joi Wasill, executive director and founder of Decisions, Choices, and Options, about the content of sex education courses and their detrimental impact...

How one Texas parent group outwitted a woke school board Carol interviews  Hannah Smith, a religious liberty attorney, and mom about her successful election to a Texas school board.

The Three C’s that made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism, and the Constitution Carol interviews author, former pastor, and filmmaker Steve Feazel about this co-authored book with Governor Mike Huckabee: The Three Cs that Made America Great:...

How politics and fear influenced the treatment of Covid patients

Carol interviews Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, a UCLA physician and health policy researcher about how politics and fear influenced the treatment of Covid patients. 

Words for Warriors: Sam Sorbo

Today the left likes to change definitions of English words. Dr. Swain interviews author Sam Sorbo about her new book, Words for Warriors, and...

The Issue of Education with Rebecca Frederichs

Dr. Swain interviews Rebecca Frederichs, founder of For Kids and Country and author of Goliath, regarding the issue of education in America.

The Mask of Critical Race Theory with Chad Jackson

Dr. Carol Swain interviews Chad Jackson, producer of the film "Uncle Tom," regarding his upcoming film as well as the dangers of Critical Race...

The Issue of CHOICE

Dr. Carol Swain interviews Danielle D-Souza-Gill about the hypocrisy of the left and the issue of choice regarding abortion.


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