Sunday, February 28, 2021
Cooper Steel

Secrets of Success: What we can Learn from Chris Widener’s Incredible Journey

Chris Widener is widely recognized as a top speaker, giving sales and business advice to people around the world. He has written numerous books, including two fictional books. He is currently working on a...

Meet Chandler Crump: A Young Black Conservative with A Powerful Story

Today, most teenagers seem to only care about frivolous issues, such as the latest trends of vogue and video games. The other extreme, of course, is that our education system turns them into social...

One Man’s Quest to Restore the Lost Value of “Honor”

Carol interviews cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken about what we can do to teach a healthy appreciation of the timeless concept of honor to a generation often struggling with when and how to show respect for traditional...

MAGA Rapper Bryson Gray Fights for Conservative Christian Values

Carol interviews conservative rapper, performer, and activist Bryson Gray who gained notoriety because of his huge MAGA hat. Born and raised in a democrat family, Bryson has had spirited debates with his parents about whether he...

A Young Woman Shares How Love and Faith Transcends Race

In this episode, we meet a young woman wise beyond her years who can teach us about true racial harmony and acceptance. Shekinah Geist is a twenty-two-year-old black conservative influencer. After being bullied on a liberal...