🎧 Burgess Owens Runs for Congress to Reclaim America

Burgess Owens knows about success… receiving College All-American honors at the University of Miami, a NFL Super Bowl victory, a career in corporate sales, as an entrepreneur and raising six wonderful children. His discovery during the arduous journey is that “Success is a lifelong process of enlightenment…..one followed by another. It is NOT a destination”. He believes that at the core of true success and happiness is a personal commitment to honesty…. in both word & deed….. and a love of service to God, family, community and our great nation of opportunity and second chances.

In this show, we discuss the factors that led Burgess Owens’s a former NFL Player for the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders to mount a bid to reclaim the Republican house seat Mia Love lost during the 2018 election. We discuss the values and policy positions that Burgess brings to the table.

Website: Burgess Owens
Mentoring: One Heart Project Utah
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurgessOwens
Burgess4Utah: https://www.burgess4utah.com/
Book: Why I Stand: From Freedom to the Killing Fields of Socialism