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Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain

Activist Parent Reveals the Poison of Critical Race Theory Education

https://youtu.be/vzZ26aXYw64 Show description: Carol interviews Beth Feeley, editor and senior advisor to the Woodson Center's “1776 Unites,” about critical race theory's corrosive impact on our...

Steve Berger’s Battle Against Fake News

https://youtu.be/MPc6xibcl0k Carol interviews Pastor Steve Berger of Grace Chapel Church in Franklin, TN about fake news, the cancel culture, and the war on Christian conservatives....

Jason Witlock’s Prescription for Healing America

https://youtu.be/yk0iWzYG1KM Carol interviews sports writer Jason Witlock about race, politics, and the future of America, Jason is a well-known journalist who has worked for "Outkick"...

Why Constitutional Literacy for Children is Critical for America’s Survival

https://youtu.be/1ghy6vsewLQ Carol interviews Joni Bryan, executive director of the 917 Society, about the importance of owning and reading a U.S. Constitution.

Can Black America Save Itself?

https://youtu.be/VZzH8wETSEM Carol interviews Glenn Loury, Professor of Economics and Social Sciences at Brown University, about the perennial problems plaguing black communities across America. We discuss...

U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn’s Advice for Conservative Women

https://youtu.be/QS9spIN7o4U Carol interviews Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) about her new book, THE MIND Of A CONSERVATIVE WOMAN. Marsha share intimate details about her remarkable life...

Finding Hope for the Holidays

https://youtu.be/A_IgqP-gblo Carol interviews Pastor Bobby Harrington of Harpeth Christian Church about sources of hope for persons struggling during this holiday season.

We Can Do It!

https://youtu.be/0RyXb0I2rPM Politics, Family, Education, and Activism. Michelle Foreman shares about her journey as a conservative woman.

Discussing the “Why” Behind Fake Hate Crimes with Dr. Wilfred Reilly

Have you ever wondered why people report fake hate crimes? A few weeks before the November election, a young black teen in upstate New...

Why racial and ethnic minorities must speak out against reverse racism and the progressive agenda

Carol interviews Dr. Ming Wang, founder of Wang Vision Institute and a new Nonprofit called "Common Ground Network” about race relations in America.


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