🎧 Racketeering and the Healthcare Industry: Why are Drug and Supply Prices so High?

America has a healthcare crisis few people truly understand. Our system has legal kickbacks and racketeering that would make some criminals blush. People are dying because of greedy suppliers and middlemen. One aspect of the problem is the high cost of prescription drugs which lead President Trump to complain that drug companies are getting away with murder.

Senator Bernie Sanders agrees with President Trump. Sanders has complained about the rising costs and the fact that 1 in 5 Americans cannot afford to get their prescriptions filled. This crisis affect people at every income stage. Joining me to discuss the issue is Dr. Karladine Graves, a family practitioner from Kansas City, Missouri. Karladine is working with other doctors to lower healthcare costs.

Website: https://www.physiciansforreform.org/
Learn more about the middle men: https://www.physiciansforreform.org/no-middlemen
What you can do to help: https://www.physiciansforreform.org/our-plan/how-you-can-help/