Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Cooper Steel
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Christian Angst in the Wake of the 2020 Elections

The 2020 election is not over. Pending court cases and investigations have created great uncertainty for our nation. Many Americans view this election as rigged...

Politics and Big Tech: Lessons From the 2020 Elections

Mail-in ballots and extended deadlines have created nightmares for the 2020 elections. Although the media have declared Joe Biden president-elect, there are pending recounts...

Will Election Day 2020 Reveal the Next President?

When will we know if President Trump is safely re-elected for a second term? Given the planned legal maneuvering of the Democrats and the...

Voter-Fraud Allegations in Midterm Elections Highlight Need for Federal Election-Law Reform

California was in the headlines a few days ago for its creative use of absentee ballots for vote “harvesting.” That’s how three Republican candidates, who...

Is Voter Fraud Alive and Well in America?

From the Democrats we get “every vote should be counted.” Hidden in these words is an effort to legitimize votes cast by non-citizens and...
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