🎧 An Insider’s Perspective on What Conservatives Need to Know About the 2020 Elections

Critical for conservatives is electing candidates who are committed to the Constitution and the principles of limited government and individual liberty and justice. In this show, we discuss what is at stake in the 2020 elections and what we need to know and do if we are going to help protect Judeo-Christian values and principles. We get an insider’s perspective from Nancy Schultz, founder of the Republican Congressional Wives Speakers in Washington, D.C. Nancy is an important mover and shaker who provides an insider look at politics behind the scene and lots of advice about what we can and should be doing for our nation. Nancy Schultz is a member of the 2020 Women for Trump Coalition.

Great American Speakers Profile:  http://www.greatamericanspeakers.com/speakers/nancy-schulze
E-mail: nsws@verizon.net