🎧 Police Shortages in Nashville: What’s the Problem?

We need police officers to enforce the rule of law in our cites, states, and towns. Unfortunately, around the country more and more police officers are turning in their badges before they reach retirement age. Nashville, a rapidly growing city, has a shortage of almost 200 officers and is understaffed for a city that receives thousands of 911 calls. Why do the officers leave? We can easily cite poor leadership, low morale, and inadequate pay. We also know that around the country police officers have been disrespected and harassed often by the people in the communities who need them the most.

Joining me today to help us better understand the situation is Stephen Jenkins. Jenkins is a former Nashville police officer with a military background. Jenkins served on the Nashville Police force for 12 years and has worked in the Sheriff’s Department. He now works as a private detective and security specialist for Covert Results.

Website: Covertresults.com